Privacy Policy

Cookies policy

Cookies are text files, IT data stored in Users’ devices which are used to browse internet websites. They make it possible, among others, to identify the type of User’s device and to display websites customised to individual preferences. Cookies most frequently contain a website address, time of storage on User’s device and own unique identifier.

Cookies are used to optimise using Internet websites. They are also used to collect statistical data to identify the ways in which Users browse Internet websites. This allows further improvement of the Service structure and content, excluding personal identification of the user. Personal data collected with the use of cookies may be gathered only and exclusively in order to perform certain functions and activities for the User. Such data are encrypted in a way preventing access to them by unauthorised users.

We use session (temporary) cookies as well as permanent ones. Session cookies are stored in the User’s device until they log out from the website or close an internet browser. Permanent cookies are stored for a defined period of time which is determined by a parameter in the cookie file – the User has the possibility to delete it manually.

Software used to browse Internet websites by default allows placing cookies on User’s device. The User can configure the browser in such a way as to prevent automatic acceptance of cookies or to receive each time information about a file sent to the User’s device. Appropriate information about cookies and possibilities to configure them is available in the settings of the browser. The level of restrictions on using cookies may affect availability and functionalities offered on an internet website, to include blocking the possibility of using it properly. In the case of applications made available by the Operator, accepting cookies is required to use correctly, among others, the system of registering services.


Data confidentiality

By registering you can be sure that your personal data will be safe. The Operator uses them only to perform provisions of the agreement.

The Operator automatically collects technical data, in particular such as the Internet protocol used, IP of the device, operating system, type of the browser, number of visits on the website and addresses of visited websites. Additionally, the Operator may process operational data or information about location of the device with the use of which the User gets access to the service.


Securing the service with a password

Registered User is secured with a password. The password consists of at least 6 characters. Access to the service is possible only after correct authorisation.

The system records attempts of unauthorised access to resources. In the event of a suspected break-in you can, through us, quickly verify whether safety rules have been violated.

You can change your password using available mechanisms at any time. If you forget your password, you can use a formal procedure to create a new one.



The data stored on the Operator’s Server are cyclically archived (so called backup). In particular, back-up copies are available. This makes it possible to quickly retrieve a modified or deleted set of data.

A back-up is made at certain times of the day.