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Country Location Museum Rank Voting Website Mail Type More
Algeria Algiers National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Algiers 266. 102 Modern and contemporary... More
Argentina Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires 115. 108 Art More
Argentina Buenos Aires Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes 174. 137 Art More
Argentina La Plata La Plata Museum 328. 128 University – natural... More
Argentina Salta Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana 273. 112 Archeology More
Australia Brisbane Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art 73. 196 Art More
Australia Canberra Australian War Memorial 210. 250 Memorial, history,... More
Australia Canberra National Museum of Australia 246. 109 National - history More
Australia Canberra National Gallery of Australia 280. 103 National - art More
Australia Canberra National Portrait Gallery 300. 108 Art More
Australia Melbourne National Gallery of Victoria 44. 499 Art More
Australia Melbourne Australian Center for the Moving Image 124. 192 Cinema, media, art More
Australia Melbourne Museums Victoria 140. 111 Natural history,... More
Australia Sydney Art Gallery of New South Wales 95. 293 Art More
Australia Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 164. 104 Art More
Austria Salzburg Salzburg Burgen & Schlösser Betriebsführung 282. 196 Historic house More
Austria Vienna Belvedere 63. 203 Art More
Austria Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 100. 142 Historic house More
Austria Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum 116. 133 Art More
Austria Vienna Albertina 198. 106 Art More
Austria Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral 228. 111 Temple More
Austria Vienna Natural History Museum Vienna 298. 105 Natural history More
Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladesh National Museum 327. 135 History, art, archeology,... More
Belgium Antwerp Middelheim Museum 317. 126 Modern and contemporary... More
Belgium Brussels Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium 163. 153 Art More
Belgium Brussels BOZAR 225. 112 Art More
Brazil Belo Horizonte Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 262. 142 Art More
Brazil Brasília Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 143. 251 Art More
Brazil Brasilia Museu Nacional da República 215. 108 Art More
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 68. 199 Art More
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Museum of Tomorrow 322. 132 Science More
Brazil São Paulo Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 178. 131 Art More
Brazil São Paulo Instituto Tomie Ohtake 237. 102 Art More
Cambodia Siĕm Réab Angkor 209. 115 Temple, archaeological... More
Canada Gatineau Canadian Museum of History 81. 322 History, archaeology,... More
Canada Montreal Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 119. 125 Art More
Canada Ottawa Canadian War Museum 287. 109 National - military,... More
Canada St. John's Signal Hill 334. 126 National Historic... More
Canada Toronto Royal Ontario Museum 85. 570 Art, ethnography,... More
Canada Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario 213. 112 Art More
Canada Victoria Royal British Columbia Museum 295. 111 Natural history,... More
Chile Easter Island Rapa Nui 342. 137 Archaeological park More
China Beijing National Museum of China 2. 273 National More
China Beijing Forbidden City 7. 581 Historic house More
China Beijing China Science and Technology Museum 14. 252 Science and technology More
China Beijing Beijing Museum of Natural History 72. 704 Natural history More
China Beijing Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution 194. 104 Military More
China Changsha Hunan Museum 26. 283 Art More
China Chengdu Chengdu Museum 37. 235 History More
China Chongqing Chongqing Museum of Natural History 34. 290 Natural history More
China Chongqing Three Gorges Museum 50. 224 History More
China Guangzhou Guangdong Museum of Revolutionary History 149. 148 History More
China Hangzhou Zhejiang Museum 17. 207 Art More
China Hangzhou Zhejiang Museum of Natural History 254. 111 Natural history More
China Hohhot Inner Mongolia Museum 314. 151 Regional - natural... More
China Hong Kong Hong Kong Museum of Art 302. 139 Art More
China Hong Kong M+ 323. 119 Art More
China Hong Kong Hong Kong Heritage Museum 337. 105 History More
China Lanzhou Gansu Provincial Museum 29. 190 History More
China Nanjing Nanjing Museum 23. 292 Art More
China North-East China Great Wall of China 211. 115 History, military,... More
China Shanghai Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 18. 725 Science and technology More
China Shanghai China Art Museum 39. 240 Art More
China Shanghai Shanghai Museum 57. 229 Art More
China Shanghai Shanghai Natural History Museum 238. 104 Natural history More
China Shenyang Liaoning Provincial Museum 272. 103 Art, history, ethnography More
China Shenzhen Shenzhen Museum 165. 127 History, archaeology,... More
China Suzhou Suzhou Museum 82. 236 Art More
China Tianjin Tianjin Natural History Museum 221. 110 Natural history More
China Wuhan Hubei Provincial Museum 288. 111 Archeology More
China Xi'an Shaanxi History Museum 36. 458 History More
China Xi'an Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum site Museum 155. 104 Mausoleum More
Chinese Taipei Kaohsiung National Science and Technology Museum 166. 123 Science and technology More
Chinese Taipei Taibao Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum 306. 138 National - Asian... More
Chinese Taipei Taichung National Museum of Natural Science 32. 253 Natural history More
Chinese Taipei Taipei National Palace Museum 21. 493 Art More
Chinese Taipei Taipei National Taiwan Science Education Center 144. 130 Science and technology More
Colombia Bogotá National Museum of Colombia 270. 138 National - art,... More
Colombia Bogotá Museo de la Ciencia y el Juego 345. 139 Museo interactivo... More
Czech Prague Prague Castle 150. 120 Historic house More
Czech Prague National museum, Czech republic 186. 101 National - natural... More
Czech Prague City of Prague Museum 227. 173 Urban - history,... More
Denmark Copenhagen National Museum of Denmark 245. 111 National - history,... More
Denmark Humlebæk Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 308. 126 Modern and contemporary... More
Egypt Cairo Egyptian Museum in Cairo 101. 131 Archeology, history,... More
Egypt Giza Giza pyramid complex 139. 119 Mausoleum, history More
Ethiopia Addis Ababa National Museum of Ethiopia 346. 115 National - archeology,... More
Finland Helsinki National Museum of Finland 274. 106 National - archeology,... More
France Chambord Château de Chambord 191. 119 Historic house More
France Fontainebleau Château de Fontainebleau 271. 108 Historic house More
France Lens Louvre-Lens 277. 105 Art More
France Marseille Mucem, Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean 80. 191 Anthropology, archeology,... More
France Mont-Saint-Michel Mont Saint-Michel 256. 109 Temple, monument More
France Montsoreau Château de Montsoreau - Museum of contemporary art 352. 157 Contemporary art More
France Paris Louvre 1. 947 Art More
France Paris Centre Pompidou 22. 318 Art More
France Paris Musée d'Orsay 25. 245 Art More
France Paris Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie 49. 227 Science and technology More
France Paris Grand Palais 56. 786 Art, science and... More
France Paris Army Museum 78. 322 Military More
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