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Museum Rank Voting Country Location Website Mail Type More
Bangladesh National Museum 321. 129 Bangladesh Dhaka History, art, archeology,... More
Bayerische Verwaltung der staatlichen Schlösser, Gärten und Seen 130. 136 Germany Munich Historic house More
Beijing Museum of Natural History 72. 597 China Beijing Natural history More
Belvedere 63. 169 Austria Vienna Art More
Berardo Collection Museum 177. 121 Portugal Lisbon Art More
Berlin Wall Memorial 172. 156 Germany Berlin Memorial More
Blenheim Palace 267. 99 United Kingdom Woodstock Historic house More
BOZAR 223. 106 Belgium Brussels Art More
British Museum 3. 271 United Kingdom London Art More
Buckingham Palace 89. 155 United Kingdom London Historic house More
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