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Museum Rank Voting Country Location Website Mail Type More
Hagia Sophia 128. 91 Turkiye Istanbul Temple More
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum 189. 91 Japan Hiroshima Memorial More
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden 149. 95 USA Washington Art More
Hong Kong Heritage Museum 319. 88 China Hong Kong History More
Hong Kong Museum of Art 289. 113 China Hong Kong Art More
House of Terror Museum 316. 101 Hungary Budapest Memorial More
House of the History 187. 89 Germany Bonn History More
Houston Museum of Natural Science 49. 689 USA Houston Natural history More
Hubei Provincial Museum 276. 94 China Wuhan Archeology More
Humboldt Forum 277. 115 Germany Berlin Ethnography, art,... More
Hunan Museum 26. 199 China Changsha Art More
Hungarian National Museum 238. 179 Hungary Budapest History, art, archeology More
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