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Museum Rank Voting Country Location Website Mail Type More
Taj Mahal 119. 114 India Agra Mausoleum More
Tate Britain 159. 114 United Kingdom London Art More
Tate Modern 8. 170 United Kingdom London Art More
Teatro Museo Dali Figueres 100. 162 Spain Figueres Art More
Tel Aviv Museum of Art 162. 231 Israel Tel Aviv Art More
The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine 281. 85 Poland Wieliczka Mining More
The Broad 279. 113 USA Los Angeles Contemporary art More
The Huntington 264. 93 USA San Marino Library, art museum,... More
Three Gorges Museum 51. 184 China Chongqing History More
Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum 112. 125 Spain Madrid Art More
Tianjin Natural History Museum 218. 93 China Tianjin Natural history More
Tikal 220. 109 Guatemala Flores Archaeological park More
Tokyo Imperial Palace 145. 97 Japan Tokyo Historic house More
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 33. 215 Japan Tokyo Art More
Tokyo National Museum 38. 176 Japan Tokyo Art More
Topkapı Palace Museum 198. 88 Turkiye Istanbul Historic house More
Topography of Terror 113. 109 Germany Berlin Memorial More
Tower of London 134. 107 United Kingdom London Historic house More
Tretyakov Gallery 54. 483 Russia Moscow Art More
Tsarskoe Selo 129. 99 Russia Pushkin Historic house More
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